Opportunities for students and graduates

Apply what you're learning in practice.

Are you a university student or graduate? Are you looking for an opportunity to put your knowledge into practice, gain practical experience and have fun along the way? Look no further, you’re already in the right place!

At EG IT INT, we believe that young and talented minds can add great value to our business and help us realise our goal of Shaping the Future of Banking. This is why we offer a variety of career opportunities to students and graduates. Joining our team of passionate IT professionals, you’ll get the chance to broaden your skill set while helping us develop cutting-edge IT solutions and deliver critical projects.

Would you like to learn more about EG IT INT’s students and graduates programmes? Browse through the sections below. 

Internships for students

Up for an active and engaging internship?

At EG IT INT, an internship is not about doing administrative work, fetching coffee or making copies. We want to fill our internship positions with talented and highly motivated students who are eager to put their skills to use and build new ones. That’s why we involve our interns in real-life projects and give them the opportunity to thrive on challenges of the daily working practice.

What you’ll do

Following the induction, you’ll meet your fellow-interns and get a general training to familiarise yourself with our company’s goals and values. Over the course of your internship, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will provide you with guidance and support. After that, you’ll receive further education which is required to complete your assignment. For selected internship positions, rotation through multiple departments will also give you a chance to apply your knowledge in different areas of our company.

We offer internship positions during the summer months in both Vienna and Bratislava for the duration of up to four months

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WAYS - Work as you study

WAYS is our way of offering students a paid part-time opportunity to gain work experience alongside their studies. WAYS can also be connected to a thesis for a master’s degree. We offer WAYS in both Vienna and Bratislava throughout the entire year. 

Currently open positions


You are a graduate fresh out of university, ready to set yourself up for success?  For new young professionals, EG IT INT offers a unique, paid full-time training programme.

What you’ll do

Over the course of our Graduates Training Programme, you will be assigned a mentor who will prepare a work and study plan tailored to your needs. Our programme starts with general training and tasks, including regular evaluations to assess your progress. The initial period is then followed by profiling and specialisation.

Ideally, candidates for our Graduates Training Programme have prior experience with us, either through an internship or WAYS. 

When & Where?

Starting each autumn, our Graduates Training Programme is offered in both Vienna and Bratislava for the duration of 12 months

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Our Actiities

For us at EG IT INT it is vital to stay connected to inspiring young people. That’s why our company has been committed to building strong relationships with students, secondary schools and universities. We engage in a wide variety of activities, ranging from Challengest & the EG IT INT Hackathon through to career events & job fairs for students and young professionals.

Would you like to learn more about our activities dedicated to students and graduates? Click through the table below.

Upcoming events

Past events