The IT landscape is one of the fastest growing and changing areas, therefore, to bring our customers the most recent products with high added value, our employee´s development is a fundamental priority for us.

Our key focus is on all colleagues who want to develop themselves, including senior leaders, managers and the many various talented people we have.

From your very first day at EG IT INT, you can start your development journey. You can enter our AMOS learning platform where you can access a variety of classroom and online trainings or join our in-house Infosession presentations, which are dedicated to the current big topics in the industry. Set your goals and determine your competencies for success with your manager in PDS (personal development system). We have also trained coaches for you to bring more effectiveness in your area. If you are interested in exploring other opportunities, Erste Group and Erste Group IT organizes different webinars, deep dive sessions and talks, various best practice sharing formats (offers of Future Competencies, Agile Hub, Coffee to Grow format).

Are you a good speaker and enthusiastic about spreading a good word of your competencies at Erste Group IT? Great, you can stand up as a speaker on one of the meetups and events we host. Or do you need to expand your learnings and see how they do it in other countries? If so, we offer the opportunity to attend international conferences & workshops.

Are you highly talented and a big achiever? Then your manager can support your growth and success with a nomination to various talent pools we have.

These and many other opportunities wait for you in Erste Group IT.

View how some of us developed their career

“The agile approach helps everybody to be prepared for any kind of changes and of course also for a move from one department to another.Transformation is about planning developing and implementing and a winning strategy for transformation is always and will always be a successful part of personal development. Agile is not a change , it´s a chance."
After 2 years of practicing the QA consulting skills Vasili became an EG IT INT employee to support a broader cultural and business change within the QA area of George. After the career as QA Manager responsible for the Austrian and Czech version of George he is the Head of QA for the whole Digital Banking division.

„Does agile way of working have an impact on your own development? Big yes here! For several reasons. First and most important, you will learn something new, and that is a new way of working. In this way, you will be exposed to two worlds (predictive/waterfall and adaptive/agile) and pick the one that fit your future needs. Second, agile way of working is based on small cross-functional teams with super-tight collaboration. This means you have opportunity to see and feel smell how people applying different skill-sets when working. You will get to know how all other roles (designers, business analysts, test engineers…) think. Also, utilizing this closeness, sharing both good and bad on the long period of time, there is a great chance that you will make some friends for life.“
Igor´s role is project manager at George Plus team and an he is also an agile expert.

„I think that there were mainly 3 factors which helped me in my self development. First of them was that thank’s to my past working experience, but mostly to my voluntary activities I got the part time position. Secondly, I was eager to work and to gain as much knowledge as possible. And the last but the most important was that even as a part-timer I had many possibilities to gain experience working on very interesting projects and learning from senior colleagues, which was possible only thanks to EG IT INT and Innovation’s team.“
Matúš, started as part timer now in the position of Junior Business Analyst at Innovations Department

“In 2019 I was nominated for the NAVIGATOR program and this changed my business life fundamentally. One of the most important and helpful changes was to get feedback during every session from the navigator colleagues, with whom I’ve been not in touch before. A new experience was to be really forced to get out of my comfort zone and being surprised by my skills – my competence, possibilities, ideas, power and my motivation. With all this power I went into my practice exercise which was to organize a kind of fair at Erste Campus to make my home department’s service and support visible. I got the feedback that I carried along our team with the NAVIGATOR spirit.“
Marion started at SPARDAT as business responsible person for the solution Valuten/Devisen (foreign currencies) and now her role is Data Quality Manager at Project Management Governance and Quality Assurance Department.

“My transition to a senior leadership role within the company has been both enjoyable and challenging. The pace at which Erste Group is transforming in its digital scope provides an ideal environment in which to tackle major digital initiatives. And I do not only appreciate that whatever we do we receive immediate feedback of real customers but also that it is about a constant challenge to continuously evolve the organization and our agile delivery practices, all in order to stay ahead of the competition. The opportunity to
strengthen my skill-set via specialized leadership programs (be it the GLDP or the Advanced Management Programme) and the collaborative culture across entities and teams, instilled strategic confidence to my career goals. It’s truly an exciting place to be at the moment!”

Christoph joined Erste Group in 2011 first working in Holding before transitioning to Erste Group IT in 2015 to help build up the Digital Banking ITSA. Initially, he was instrumental in guiding the Digital Banking Strategy and Projects direction, before leading the DB Delivery division. As Head of Digital Banking International, Christoph has paved the way for the rapid expansion of our digital products (George and others) across all our entities in CEE.


“Every change brings an opportunity; let’s get the best out of it and enjoy it!”

 Agron started as a BI Operation Manager and now he is the Head of Group BI Processing.